marina Hor-meyll
Collection Baderna: Malala Youzafzai is the first edition of a series of comic books that shows historical contexts through female characters’s point of view, regardless of their fame. It was created as supplementary educational material that can be used for diferent subjects, such as History, Geography and Social Sciences. We used color as a way of separating themes such as personal life, religion, History, Geography and politics. Their colors are, respectively, pink, blue, purple, green and yellow. In history class, it’s rare to learn about events lead by or with women’s participation, therefore we created the Collection Baderna, to help the women’s fight for voice in society. We hope that this collection, in the future, can help change the syllabus of history classes in Brazilian schools and hope that girls can identify with these characters as a way to empower themselves as women. Project developed with Beatriz Veloso and Flávia Pareja at PUC-Rio, illustrated by yours truly.
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